Flush Cut

Closed End

Semi-Flush Cut (standard)

0 Degree Cant

Adjustable Retention   Standard for Inside the Waist Band (IWB) and for Outside the Waist Band (OWB) holsters.  Fine tune the the amount of tension on your weapon by tightening or loosening  a specially placed screw(s).   Back pressure from a rubber washer keeps the screw(s) from backing out.  

        Dark Grey ($5)                Desert Tan (+$5)     Flat Dark Earth (+$5)             Foliage (+$5)                MAS Grey (+$5)             Neon Pink(+$5)

    Carbon Fiber (+$8)      CF Blood Red (+$8)      CF Coyote (+$8)            CF FDE (+$8)              CF FDE(+$8)          CF Police Blue(+$8)      ATACs FG (+$17)           

Premium Colors    Additional (+) prices only include one side (front or back) of Outside Waist Band (OWB) holsters. Availability of patterns is based on external vendors current stock.  Some colors will increase wait time according to availability. 

        OD Green ($5)                Police Blue ($5)                 Purple (+$5)             Safety Orange (+$5)        Storm Grey (+$5)           Zombie Green (+$5)             

   Arctic White (+$5)             Army Green (+$5)        Standard Black (+0)          Blood Red (+$5)              Chocolate (+$5)              Coyote (+$5)



Semi-Flush Cut (standard)

Closed End (with drain hole)

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Outside the Waist Band (OWB)   These holsters are worn on the outside of the belt.  OWB holsters can still be used as a concealed carry option as long as the correct cover garment is used.  Most of our OWB's are made with two pieces of kydex, this is referred to as a pancake.  These start at $65.00 , colors other than black with raise the price from there.   We  offer two styles of OWB holsters:  Full Cut or Minimalist Cut.  The Full cut allows adjustability in the ride height by giving you the option of re-locating your belt loops.  The Minimalist is a trimmed down version that offers a small size but no ride height adjustability.  We suggest using a gun belt for any of our holsters, but one is required when using a Minimalist style holster due to it's high center of mass. 

Full Cut OWB 

Minimalist Cut OWB 

Cant (IWB)  Another thing that influences  the grip above the belt line is cant.  Our cant options go from 0 degrees - 15 degrees forward cant.  As you rotate the pistol forward (cant), the further the end of the grip gets from the belt line.​ This makes gripping the pistol easier, but makes the width of the footprint (in relation to the belt) wider.  Our options are: 0 degrees, 10 degrees forward, and 15 degrees forward.  We also offer custom cants, sometimes the particular weapon can limit the cant options.

Deep Cover (Low Ride) 

Belt Line - The Colored lines represent the top of the belt. 

Medium Ride 

OWB Taco Paddle This is an odd creation, or at least it sounds that way.   A few customers asked for it so we made it happen.  A paddle holster is easy to attach and detach without removing your belt.  It's very handy at the range and a comfortable way to carry your weapon.  These start at $65.00 ,  colors other than black will raise the price from there. 


Full Sweat Shield

0 Degree Cant

Cant (OWB)  Cant in an OWB holster is mostly to do with preference. Some prefer the draw stroke from a canted holster.  There are some small advantages.  The forward cant can slightly reduce the distance between the muzzle and the belt line, making it easier to cover with a garment.  Though easier to cover, it also make a wider footprint that takes up more belt real estate.  Our standard is 0 cant (straight up and down), this reduces the width of the holster and lends to a more natural draw stroke.  We also offer a 5 degree , 10 degree, and custom forward cant option.

15 Degree Cant

High Ride 

Product Information 

Available Colors            Do realize these are stock photos from our material supplier.  The pictures don't always do the colors justice, do expect sight differences in some of the colors shown.  Additional (+) prices only include one side(front or back) of Outside Waist Band (OWB) pancake holsters.  Availability of colors is based on external vendors current stock.  Some colors will increase wait time according to availability. 

Price List - as of April 1st, 2014

Standard Inside the WaistBand (IWB)  .......................$55.00

Black .08 Kydex, standard 1.5'" belt clip, adjustable retention 

Outside the WaistBand (OWB)..................................$65.00

Black .08 Kydex, standard 1.5" belt loops, black eyelets, adjustable retention

Outside the WaistBand Paddle Taco..........................$65.00

Black .08 Kydex, black paddle for 1.5" belt, black eyelets, adjustable retention

Standard AR Magazine Pouch.....................starting @ $30.00

For Custom orders call or text to 828-289-7584 or email at info@grholsters.com

Color options and prices are listed at the top of the page. 

Adjustable retention is standard on our holsters.

Standard shipping to the lower 48 is $6.00 (USPS flat rate). If you need more than on item shipped at a time, please email  the order info before using the "Buy Now" buttons.

North Carolina sales tax (6.75%) will be added to orders shipped to NC addresses

Inside the Waist Band (IWB)   Just as the name implies, these holsters tuck inside your waist band and the belt-clip clips over the outside of your belt.  A cover garment such as an untucked shirt, a jacket or a vest conceals this type of holster nicely.  These holsters are formed with one piece of kydex and are referred to as tacos.  IWB's start at$55.00 and color options will add to this base price.

ATACs Bonz (+$17)            ATACs AU (+$17)                 Woodland (+15)               ATACs LE (+$17)            ATACs Vista Pink (+$17)        ATACs Vista (+$17)

Half Sweat Shield

Flush Cut

Ride Height  Ride Height is important of all types of holsters.  It has to do with where the belt attachment connects to the holster.  Our IWB holsters come with fix ride height.   The three positions available are: High Ride, Medium Ride, and Deep Cover  (low ride).   The lower the ride height, the deeper the pistol is in your pants.  It conceals better this way, but it makes for a tougher draw.  The higher the ride, the easier it is to grip the pistol and unholster it.  Our Standard ride height is Medium. 

Sweat Shield   All of our models currently come with a full sweat shield, by request we can cut down your sweat guard to suit your needs.  The sweat guard protects your firearm from moisture where it lays against your body.  Unless specified in the additional comment section of your order, your holster will come with a full sweat shield. The additional options are: Half Sweat Shield and No Sweat Shield (flush with front). The Sweat Shield is only on the rear of the holster. 

Muzzle Cut  The look of the muzzle end of your holster is mostly personal preference on IWB's.  The more open ended your holster is, the easier it will be to clean.  The closed end holsters still have an opening for water to drain. On OWB, the closed end holsters actually have a drilled drain hole on the rear near the end of the muzzle.  Most OWB holsters have at least a semi-closed end to protect the end of the slide and barrel.  The three types of muzzle cuts offered are: Flush, Semi-Flush(Standard), and Closed End.  

    DTOM (+$15)             Kryptek Highlander (+17)    Kryptek Mandrake (+$17)       Kryptek Nomad(+$17)       Kryptek Typhon (+$17)           Kryptek Yeti (+$17)


No Sweat Shield