• Taurus 738 TCP
  • Walther P-22 Gen 1
  • Walther CCP
  • Walther PPS Gen 1

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If you do not see your particular Make/Model above, please email (info@grholsters.com) us and let us know what your looking for. We frequently add new models to our list and we are up for suggestions. Most orders will be shipped within 3-5 business days, but high order volume can add to this time. Email to inquire about current lead times. Custom colors sometimes require a longer wait time depending on current stock. All "Buy it Now" buttons are configured with $6 flat rate shipping to the lower 48 States, pleaseemailall other orders. 

 We Make Holsters for These Models

Color Options
Right/Left Hand
Ride Height
Muzzle Cut
Make/Mod From List, Add. Info

Inside the Waist Band (IWB)(tacos)

Available Magazines for Special Order - Email orders or inquiries to info@grholsters.com

Most single mag pouches start at $25 and doubles start at $30.

  • Hk VP9
  • Hk P30SK
  • Hk P2000sk
  • Kahn CW9
  • Kahr PM9/CM9​
  • Kel-Tec P3AT​
  • ​Kel-Tec PF-9
  • ​Remington R-51
  • Ruger LCP
Color Options
Right/Left Hand
Ride Height
Sweat Shield
Muzzle Cut
Make/Mod From List, Add. Info

OWB Paddle Taco

Our "Taco Paddles" are made of one piece of .08 Kydex that is folded over the pistol.  The standard color is black, but many colors options can be found on our Product Information Page.  Find the color you want and adjust the first pull down below to the correct price. Then fill in the "Additional Info" blank with the color.  We use a polymer paddle made by G-Code, a company based out of Jacksonville, NC. Lead times for these holsters are determined by our current stock of paddles and our suppliers quantities.  Your welcome to emailus about our current stock and lead times. These paddles are made in 3 colors:  green, coyote, and black.  Adjustable retention is a standard feature on our Taco Paddle holsters. Choose from the Models of weapons at the top of this page. 

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Color Options
Right/Left Hand
Muzzle Cut
Make/Mod From List, Add. Info

Our IWB holsters are made with one piece of black .08 Black Kydex that folds over your pistol like a "taco", other color options are available.  For upgraded colors, choose the correct price then leave the color name in the "Additional Info" blank below. The included belt clip is for a 1-1/2" belt, it is made of a black polymer for added strength and flexibility.  Our standard cant of our belt clips is 0 degrees, but we offer 10 degrees forward cant, 15 degrees forward cant, or a custom cant if you like.  We offer three ride heights for each model: Medium ride (standard), High ride, or Deep Cover (low ride).  All IWB's include adjustable retention standard, this lets you fine tune the grip that the holster has on your pistol.  Choose between three different muzzle cuts: Semi-flush cut (standard), flush cut, and closed end.  A full sweat guard is standard, please let us know if you would like a custom cut in the "Additional Info" section below.  Find out more about these optionsHERE!

Holsters for Other Pistols Require Longer Wait and Are Based on Availability of External Vendor's Supply of the Particular Gun Mold. INQUIRE @  info@grholsters.com

Pressing your actual firearm is an available option. Scheduled onsite visits usually result in a quick (1-5 day) turnaround. 

All orders are hand made as per specifications given by you the customer. No exchanges, refunds, or cancelations after build has started.  Email any questions to info@grholsters.com 

Green River Holster Company

3772 Green River Cove Road

Saluda, North Carolina 28773

Text,Call, or Leave message @ 828-289-7584

E-mail: info@grholsters.com

OWB holster are a popular way to carry both for Open Carry and Concealed Carry with the proper cover garment.  Our OWB holsters are made with two pieces of .08 Kydex that "pancakes" the gun, Black is the Standard color.  Available colors are shown HERE. Choose the correct price for your upgraded color in the pull down below, then list the color in the "Additional Info" section at the bottom.  The price includes color on one side with standard black on the other, please specify front or back.  We offer 1-1/2" polymer belt loops standard and custom sized hand formed .125 Kydex loops upon request.  Choose from our standard 0 degree cant, 5 degree cant, 10 degree cant, or list a custom cant in the "Additional Info" section below.  Choose from a full cut or a minimalist cut.  The full cut offers more adjustability and a larger footprint, the minimalist has a smaller footprint with fixed positioned belt loops. Note that a stiff gun belt is a requirement with the minimalist style holsters.  We offer three muzzle cuts: the Semi-flush cut (standard), flush cut, and closed end with a drain hole. The drain hole allows for easy cleaning with soap and water. Adjustable retention is a standard feature on our OWB holsters.  List any additional comments in the "Additional Info" blank below.  Explore these options on our Product Information page.  Choose from the available models at the top of this page. 

Outside the Waist Band (OWB)

  • CZ-70
  • Glock .45 Auto 10/13 round Gen4
  • Glock 17/22
  • Glock 19/23
  • Glock 42
  • Glock 43
    Kel Tec P3AT

  • Ruger LCP
  • Ruger Mark II
  • Sig Sauer P229 .40/.357sig
  • Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380
  • Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm/.40
  • Springfield XDs .45
  • Walther P22
  • CZ 70 (.32auto)
  • ​CZ P-07
  • ​Diamondback DB-9
  • FNS 9/.40 Compact
  • FN 5.7 Mk2
  • Glock 17
  • Glock 19
  • Glock 22
  • Glock 23​
  • S&W M&P 9/40 Cmpt
  • S&W M&P Shield 9/40
  • ​Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 (3") 9mm/.40
  • Springfield Armory Mod 2 (3.3") .45
  • Springfield Armory XDs .45/9mm 3.3" XDs .45/9mm 4" 

  • Glock 26/27
  • Glock 29
  • Glock30&30S
  • Glock 33
  • Glock 34/35
  • Glock 36
  • Glock 41
  • Glock 42
  • Glock 43 
  • SigSauer P320 Compact
  • Sig Sauer P938
  • Sig Sauer P229R
  • S&W Bodyguard .380 with laser
  • S&W Bodyguard .380 without laser
  • S&W M&P 4.25"

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Magazine Carriers

​Our magazine carriers are mostly custom order items. Email us an inquiry on what you need.  We do single, double, and triple mag carriers.   We have the magazines listed below for quick turn-arounds and access to others.  The only Mag Carriers we offer direct through this website are AR steel GI mags and AR Pmags. They are made of Black .08 Kydex in an OWB pancake design.  Adjustable retention is standard on these and they come standard with polymer 1-1/2" belt loops.  Hand formed .125 Kydex custom sized belt loops are available upon request, just list as "custom loops" and include the belt size in the bottom blank on the form below. 

Steel or Pmag
For Carry on your Left or Right Side
Round Facing What Way
Leave Additional Info Here

  • RugerLC9,LC380, LC9s, LC9sPro
  • Ruger SR-22
  • Taurus 738/TCP
  • Seecamp LWS.32
  • Sig Sauer P238
  • SigSauer P320 Subcompact